Young Carers Story

Esi-Mae’s Story

A carer to me is a person that helps another with the things they need help with. I like being a carer but sometimes it gets a bit stressful, however it’s become a part of my life

In my everyday life it’s had a large impact. It’s most difficult when I’m away with my dad because I have to step in a lot as mom isn’t there. When I’m at home it’s not as bad. It can still be hard at times because there are days when I’m very tired and stressed but my sister needs my help more. This is sometimes harder because of my own need which is ADHD.

The thing I have found most valuable is young carers especially having one-one as it gets me out the house for a bit and allows me to speak to somebody outside my home.

The things that need to change to support carers are more money to help with respite as this can be very valuable for carers, more help and support in schools as when I was in school only a few teacher knew i was a young carer, I think it would be helpful for teachers to have a better understanding about young carers and how it impacts them and their lives.

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