Young Carers help design Carers Rights Day 2019 and Young Carers Awareness Day 2020

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We pride ourselves on being a user led service where decisions and the design and shape of services and support are informed by carers themselves.  In August young carers made time during their residential trip to share their ideas about what they want from Carers Rights Day and Young Carers Awareness Day.  Their ideas ranged from magicians and bouncy castles to family bingo and cake making.  They also liked the idea of a fun, arty activity where they designed what young carers Rights look like in a language and design their peers will understand.

They also design our activity programme and their ideas stretched further than we could image such as playing at Aston Villa pitch and going to a different country – ambitions we hope for them too – but for now their wishes to go to a theme parks, space museum and trampoline parks are up for consideration.

These consultation events are held every 2 months for different age categories and are the catalyst for new services.  Further to a recent young adult carers DMG (Decision Making Group) we have introduced YAC meet up’s where young adult carers have a meeting point to chill together or arrange to go out and YAC- Adult activities which enables young adult carers to join respite activities provided by our adult carers services and prepare them for moving into our adult services when they reach 26.

Thank you to those involved – with you, services keep getting better!

“I think young carer is special because you can meet up with different people who can help you understand different things. I enjoy making new friends and memories”

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