Young Carers Climb for Rights

Promise Signing Event (October 2013)
On Monday 26th November young carers from Solihull took part in a consultation event.

This event asked young carers what they would like to see in the Solihull Metropolitan Council’s Promise to Young Carers.

The current promise that was signed in October 2013 is currently under review.

Carers Trust Solihull talks to young carers about the challenges they face and how to support them as they are the experts in their caring role

Helping with the event were:

  • Janice Price (Commissioning Officer – Carers Lead)
  • Phil Leiver (Assistant director for Learning & Achievement)
  • Annette McKenzie  (Councillor and Carers Champion)

After some ‘people bingo’ young carers were split into groups and were asked the questions

  • How can young carers enjoy their childhood?
  • What do young carers need to help them care?
  • What do young carers need to be safe?
  • What do young carers need to be supported in  1. Education  2. Work
  • What will help young carers feel good, fit and healthy?
  • How can children and adults find out who is a young carer?
  • Where should young carers be able to get support?

What happens next?

  • The results of the consultation will go to our young carers steering group to make a list of statements to present.
  • This will then be looked at and will then go through to scrutiny
  • Once all complete and finalised we then have the promise signing event in January 2019

Let’s get it Right for Carers!

Art Work Competition

Surrounding the promise we would like young carers artwork to bring some colour into it. If you would like to design something to go on the promise then please contact Barry Noy on 0121 788 1143 or speak to him at a carers group. Keep your drawings around the theme of young carers (Think about the questions above)

Young Carers Taking Part

After the event young carers then took some time on the climbing walls



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