University study on the lives of local young carer families


University of Birmingham PHD student Chloe Alexander contacted Carers Trust Solihull to help identify families to support her research on how public agendas impact on young carers and family life. 

Two families were chosen from Solihull, one from Birmingham and one from Coventry. 

A conference was held to explore if and how public policy affected young carer families, informed by feedback from the study. Chloe and Solihull Young Carers Team Manager presented to families, students, professors, team managers in various sectors that touch the lives of young carers. 

A lively question and answer session raised concerns about current practices and shared ideas on policy changes needed to improve the lives of families where a cared-for exists. 

The study will be released at the end of 2019 — watch this space for when it’s released or sign up to our newsletter:

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