Time to Talk

Are you looking for some emotional support? Are you caring for someone who has recently being diagnosed with a long-term illness, at end of life, have dementia or you may have been recently bereaved? We have a new service that can help; ‘Time to Talk’ is a 9-week cycle of telephone calls that are available to our registered carers across the Borough.

One of our trained and skilled volunteers will arrange a weekly or fortnightly call that is at a convenient time to you. It’s a chance to talk freely and in confidence about any challenges that you are facing in your new situation.

Many of our carers who are receiving this support have found that they have been able to start to deal with their loss, been able to start making plans for the future and have felt emotionally supported. They have found by being able to talk openly to our volunteers has helped them to process and understand their own situations.

We can help.

It is important to us to ensure you as carers also feel supported and listened too.

If you would like to receive this service or know a bit more about it then get in touch and speak to our Time to Talk Coordinator.

Quote from some of our carers:

‘It was very good talking to someone who is not a friend or family in a non-judgemental way, someone who doesn’t know me who will listen to just me and I can just open up to’

It is so good to have people to talk to who listen to me and who understand. Thank you.

Thank you very much for your call and for listening to me. It means a lot.

Telephone Befriending service

‘I am not feeling as lonely as I was before. I feel more secure in myself. Because of the service, I am now getting the help from external agencies that I need…Telephone befriending has been a lifeline at the end of the phone’.

‘Telephone befriending helped me…to practice self-care and look after myself better. I had stopped doing that. Since the calls, I have been taking time out for myself’

‘My telephone befriender was really informative and gave me lots of good tips and advice…..(the calls) ..helped me see that I wasn’t on my own’.

This is just some of the feedback we have received from carers who have used the service.

The telephone befriending service provides an opportunity to focus on you, whether it be setting a goal, receiving emotional support or simply sharing about your day.

This service is run by trained volunteers who are here to listen, offer you support and encouragement and help you find information. It is available to any carer over the age of 25 and is completely free. Carers can have up to 6 sessions of 40-60 minute calls.

If you would like further information please call 0121 788 1143 and ask for Vickie Ridge.

Alternatively, you can email Vickie directly: VickieRidge@solihullcarers.org