Remembering Chris Fry-Smith

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Remembering Chris Fry-Smith

“The Trustee Board, staff and volunteers of Carers Trust Solihull remain deeply saddened by the untimely death of Chris Fry-Smith. Our colleague and friend was loved and valued; his work for carers highly respected.

Chris was recruited to provide telephone advice to carers. It soon became apparent that those carers that he worked with trusted him to offer them balanced advice and support. This was as true for those struggling with long term caring responsibilities as those new to the experience. He was able to put people at their ease and alleviate some of the guilt many express in asking about their own needs and wellbeing. Feedback received reflected his natural and intuitive skill in addressing individuals’ needs with professionalism and sensitivity.

As a key member of the Adult Team Chris went on to complete carers’ assessments, support plans and a wide array of other activities. Colleagues valued his insight and genuine care for everyone. He was a welcome presence at events such as Carers Week, helping to promote CTS’s services to the wider public.

We all benefited from Chris’s willingness to contribute to professional debate and discussion. His lively mind, constructive ideas and approach to challenging orthodoxies have helped the service to improve. There will always be warm smiles from those who knew him well as they recall enjoying his wry sense of humour.

He is missed and will remain missed. All those at CTS thank him for his contributions knowing that he will remain woven into the future development and culture of the organisation. We send our thoughts and prayers to Chris’s family and friends.”

Chris helped me in my darkest time.


Chris, a true gentleman, kind, genuine and hilarious. He will be greatly missed.

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