Preparing for hospital discharge

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During these difficult times, we are all working in different ways and things have changed dramatically within our health settings.

 Despite this its heartening to see how we can come together in these adverse times to get things done.

 I have seen great examples of District Nurses , Social Care and GP services respond  quickly, each providing their professional care and compassion to assist carers , particularly in crisis after hospital discharge .

 Support after hospital discharge is vital to consider.  If the person you care for is admitted to hospital for any reason there are things that can help in order to be prepared for discharge home.

 Think about how you will manage back in the home setting , and carefully  consider any changes to the level of support required. There may have been no assistance required at all previously. You may feel that you managed before and can do so now and that may be the case, or there may be greater need once you are back in your own home environment.

There are people within the hospital who are there to help you with this planning.

Don’t wait until discharge takes place. We recognise that communication is more difficult at the moment but as you keep in touch with the ward ask to speak with the nursing sister about a proper care plan being ready  before discharge takes place, and make sure that  staff are aware about support needs back home. You can also ask for details of the Hospital  Carers Coordinator ( Heartlands , Solihull and Queen Elizabeth Hospitals ) who can help with guidance.  Contact us here at Carers Trust if you are unsure about who to speak to.

With permission from the patient , carers can be part of the discharge process . Often it will be carers who are providing vital care and support immediately upon discharge so it’s important to be as prepared as possible. Planning can help prevent  carers finding  themselves  in stressful and difficult situations  with more intense needs than expected. Sometimes discharge may be upon us quite unexpectedly. Please think about planning and preparing for discharge at the earliest opportunity .

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