Parent Carers Story 2

Being a carer is a concept I found difficult to accept at first simply because I’m also a mother and isn’t my job as a mother to meet my children’s needs no matter how complex they are? Of course it is but being a carer is so much more.

It’s getting to the school gates on time after being up all night. It’s constant learning so that you can help and support in the best way you can. It’s a constant battle to fight for rights that should be given. It’s tears and exhaustion and keeping on when you’re not sure you can. It’s also amazing because I witness miracles every single day, it’s celebrations for milestones achieved, it’s finding friendships with others who walk the same path and carrying each other through, its joy and laughter when sometimes your sense of humour is what got you through that difficult day. It’s knowing that you’ll do it all over again the next day no matter what. If only carers were seen for the amazing job that they do”. 

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