Make a referral

Refer an adult carer
over the age of 25

If you are referring yourself,

please call 0121 788 1143.

Professionals, please use the link above.

Anyone can make a referral to Carers Trust Solihull including professionals, schools, other services, families or carers themselves.

Refer a parent carer
over the age of 25

Register as a Parent Carer,
If you have a child under 18 with an illness or disability

Refer a young or young adult carer aged 5 to 25

YCYAC Registration Form v2

Due to various reasons, some young carers aged 14+ may request to join without parental consent.  We understand it is not always in the best interest of the child to refuse them access to our service.  Under these circumstances, we carry out an assessment to establish if providing a limited-service is appropriate.