Children Caring at Christmas

The lives of around 4000 children and young people in Solihull are affected by looking after someone at home who requires care.  Caring often impacts on children’s childhood experiences due to taking on roles usually associated with adult life -including personal care, medical assistance, domestic tasks and emotional support to a loved one, parent or sibling. For many young carers, caring increases with school closed for the Christmas period.   In families where long term ill health and disability exists, Christmas can bring extra financial challenges, loneliness and isolation for these young carers.  However,with the right support they can still enjoy the magic of Christmas!

Local Charity, Carers Trust Solihull supports carers of all ages, including children and young people aged 5 to 25.  Offering respite, one to one support and opportunities to learn, grow, develop, achieve and enjoy childhood experiences around caring – all year round. 

During the Christmas period, the Charity will provide support and services to enable young carers to visit Santa, go for a Christmas meal and attend young carers clubs for regular breaks from caring – a chance to recharge their batteries, have festive fun with others and realise they are not alone.  They are going the Pantomime, tobogganing in the snow and joining the Solihull Round Table Santa Sleigh rounds to help raise funds for our Charity.  One lucky 5 year old young carer went for dinner and had Christmas stories with Santa.

Local colleges are making a push for young adult carers to become Ambassadors and we are recruiting new Peer Mentors – where young carers support each other – ready for the New Year.  Young carers will be continuing to work with Solihull Council to design and launch a new Young Carer’s Promise (Charter) ready for Young Carers Awareness Day in February 2019.

Services are free for carers of all ages and we rely on donations to support our work.  If you would like to find out more about support we offer to carers or how to support us, including fundraising or becoming a volunteer driver, please contact Gina Ward on 01217881143. 

Merry Christmas from your local Carers Charity.

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