Caring in a Pandemic

The world has become somewhat of a strange place for many over the last few months.
Businesses and organisations have reduced their services and in some cases have even ceased to exist during this global pandemic.
This has had a real impact on unpaid carers who often rely on the support of outside resources to keep things running smoothly at home.

According to Carers UK, 70% of carers are providing even more care and support than usual during the Covid-19 pandemic. Their research also showed that 55% of carers were feeling overwhelmed with their caring responsibilities.

Carers uk

We don’t want our carers to feel that way and we understand just how distressing these times can be. The issues we are seeing within our hospitals and health care establishments are being experienced by unpaid carers too. In some cases with even less support and resources, and less recognition. Some of you are having to self-shield and protect yourselves whilst caring for and protecting those you love. Some of you are still working and providing services for our communities before coming home to provide support for your loved ones at home.

Here at Carers Trust Solihull, we want you to know that we see you.

We see you staying at home to protect yourselves and those that you love.
We see you having to do a full day’s work and a full day of caring.
We see that you don’t have any days off.

We see you and we truly appreciate you.

We at Carers Trust Solihull want to leave you with a few time management and self-care tips to ensure that you are not running yourself into the ground.

Have a simple to do list written for each day.

It doesn’t need to be long (we recommend 3 tasks maximum). When you complete a task, tick it off your list. Seeing yourself work through your list will help you too realise just how productive you are being.

Try to sleep and eat well.

Keeping your body fuelled with healthy food and having a good night’s sleep really does make a difference to how you feel. It also has a positive impact on your immune system. You may not always have enough time in the day to prepare great meals from scratch, if that’s the case, you may want to look into bulk cooking and preparing simple but satisfying foods like salads and soups which can be kept in the fridge for a couple of days.

Take a break from social media and the news.

Sometimes we consume a lot of overwhelming information which can increase anxiety and stress levels. That’s the last thing you need. Take that half an hour you would use to watch the news to have a cup of tea in the garden or read a couple of pages of a book you haven’t managed to pick up yet. Your mind will really thank you for the rest.

Continue to keep in touch with family and friends.

Even though we are advised to limit face to face contact with those around us, there are still ways to keep in touch with those you love. There are a range of applications (Zoom, Skype and Whatsapp just to name a few) that can be downloaded onto your phone, tablet or computer to connect with others via video. You can have dinner with your family, host a bingo night with your friends or just have a casual chin wag, without any of you having to leave your home! For those of you who aren’t particularly keen on technology, continue to pick up the phone and make calls to your loved ones.

Remember Carers Trust Solihull are here to help.

We don’t always have all of the answers, but we will be sure to get the right answers for you. If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed with everything that is happening at the moment, please do give us a call on 0121 788 1143.

Be gentle with yourself, you are doing the best that you can.

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