Carers Recognised and Valued at Awards Ceremony

Carers Trust Solihull had its first charity ball and awards ceremony in Carers Week 2022.

This was a wonderful opportunity to raise awareness of carers and celebrate how they are supported in the community.

Phil Upton introduced the evening and showcased our video about what it is like to be a carer. If you haven’t seen it already you can watch it here.

The awards, presented by BBC’s Phil Upton had six categories.

Getting ready for some food
Phil Upton presenting the awards

Adult Carer of the Year Award

A carer who goes the extra mile to help and support others. Inspires and make a difference. ​Has used their skills to make positive changes. ​Sponsored by Marks and Spencer.

The nominations were…

Debby Allen 

Debbie is a carer for 2 adults. Additional to her caring role, she has given hours of her time by setting up The SEN Parent Carer Support Group which has now been running for 10yrs, supporting others who have children with special needs with advice & information. 

Peter Carbin 

Peter has a full-time caring role. Despite his limited time, he also raises awareness for SOLO & Carers Trust Solihull and is heavily involved in fundraising activities such as organising 5k walks for volunteers and carers. 

Susan Jordan 

Susan is a full-time carer for her 90 year old mum, without any outside help and coping with her own health needs. In addition, she also works 25 hours a week helping people with learning disabilities. 

And the winner …

Debby Allen

Dave Henry Award for Young and Young Adult Carers of the Year

This goes to a carer who goes the extra mile to help and support others. ​Inspires and make a difference. ​Used their skills to make positive changes. ​Sponsored by Solihull Rotary Club St Alphege.

The nominations…

Leo Brooks 

Leo Brooks is a young carer who helps his disabled siblings whilst suffering with his own health needs. His parents say he is mature beyond his years, never moans about helping and has a positive attitude to schoolwork.  He has given talks about Downs Syndrome, ASD and other disorders and always puts the needs of others before his own. 

Rebecca Lingard 

Rebecca, at 16, is the primary carer for her Mum.  She does all the household jobs of cooking, cleaning and looking after pets, but always with a smile on her face. Whilst caring she has had to undergo major surgery and recovery, but was determined to continue to look after her Mum’s needs. 

Rebecca Wall 

Rebecca Wall gives up her time to be a Peer Mentor for the Carers Trust. Regularly giving up her time, she provides support to young carers in the group and gives us valuable feedback on the service and ideas for improvements. She is a brilliant voice for young people. 

And the winner is…

Rebecca Wall

Educational Setting of the Year Award

This was for a school or college that has shown it has a supportive environment for Young Carers and Young Adult Carers. ​Sponsored by Lucent Financial Planning.

The Nominations were

Maxine Bromley – Grace Academy 

Grace Academy employs Maxine Bromley as their family support worker.  They arrange a lunch each half term for young carers, checking on their wellbeing. Additionally, they offer transport for vulnerable pupils and young carers to and from lessons. 

Fordbridge Community Primary School 

Fordbridge School has an attendance log for young carers; with any absences looked into by an Attendance Officer.  Additionally, the school provides a monthly Young Carers hour, offering help with homework and fun, social activities. 

Patricia Porter – UHB 

UHB employ Patricia Porter, as their Carers Co-ordinator. Post Covid she ensured that initiatives to help carers were adjusted to support them and their families. She is also helping to improve carers policies within the hospital setting. 

And the winner…

Fordbridge Community Primary School 

Educational setting of the year award

Employer of the Year Award

An organisation that recognises the importance of supporting carers in the community. ​They raise the profile and awareness of carers at work and have Carer friendly policies and procedures in place.​ Sponsored by The Copier Maintenance Company Ltd.

The nominations were…

Warwickshire CAVA – Jane Holdsworth  

Jane Holdsworth, a carer, has given her first-hand experience of the totally flexbile working offered by her employer. There is an employee assistance programme and all requests for short notice and compassionate leave were fully supported by an understanding team. 

Phoenix Group – Sian Powell  

Phoenix have a formal policy in place recognizing carers.  Paid leave, flexible working, emergency and compassionate leave are all offered to those with caring responsibilities.  They also co-run a session for those supporting children with mental health problems. 

Solihull MBC 

A Policy and Carers Agreement scheme has been set up for all employees.  It offers paid leave days and flexible working.  A confidential agreement between carer and manager is transferable between departments. 65 staff have benefited and sickness and absence rates radically improved. 

And the winner…

Solihull MBC

Solihull SMBC collected by Claire Cooksey

Healthcare of the Year Award

They have made a difference to carers lives by making adjustments to support carers. This may be that they have a Carers Champion or volunteers to support carers or they offer flexibility in services to support Carers and families.​ Sponsored by Fountains Care Home.

The nominations were…

Chelcy Bryant-Pinches, Citizens Advice Bureau 

Chelcy works with GPs to provide support for patients and their carers.  She has tried to find respite and days out for carers.  She has even done weekly video calls with the person being cared for to allow the carer an hour to look after themselves. 

Jill Bonehill, Citizens Advice Bureau 

Jill ensured all the carers she saw during lockdown had the food, medications and transport to appointments they needed.  She made out of hours calls when necessary to find information for carers and is able to advise on benefits available, home help and beneficial clubs to contact. 

Sandra Reynolds – Hobs Moat Medical Centre 

Sandra, Practice Manager worked with Carers Trust Solihull to offer monthly Carers Questions sessions, which provide information and recognise carers who may not otherwise be detected.  An anonymous carer has benefitted from the Centre’s support. 

And the winner…

Jill Bonehill

Collected by Chelcy on behalf of Jill

Volunteer of the year

Sharing their skills and knowledge to groups that brings joy and benefits to carers or be totally committed to volunteering and supporting carers indirectly. ​Sponsored by 3Di Midlands Ltd.

The nominations

Della Gough 

Della is a volunteer with Carers Trust and is also on the Carers Partnership Board with SMBC where her views, opinions and experiences are valued. She is also a carer who has a passion for caring and is selfless. 

Sajida Goldby 

Sajida set up and runs the North Solihull Additional Needs Group for parent carers.  This offers online support for 1300 families.  She also arranges 1-5 social and educational events per week for families to attend, plus a monthly swim session.  She ensures valuable information and support reaches many parent carers. 

Terry Blyth 

Terry has been with Carers Trust Solihull Young Carers Team for over 10 years. She has supported management and projects, as the team grew. She is a hugely valued member of staff, who has helped raise thousands of pounds. She often works in her own time, without taking expenses, so carers benefit from all monies received by the Trust and increased staff support. 

And the winner is….

Terry Blythe

Celebrating 20 Years

That’s it for the awards, Carers Trust Solihull also celebrated its 20th year anniversary as a registered charity supporting carers in Solihull.

And finally a big thank you to our sponsors, their support made this event possible

The Rotary Club of St Alphege
Lucent Financial Planning
Copier Maintenance Company Ltd
3Di Midlands Ltd
Marks and Spencer

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