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Young carers are children and young people aged between 5 and 25 years whose lives are affected by caring for a family member or friend.  Find out what support you can get as a young carer from Solihull Carers Centre.

To join young carers you must have an assessment first.  This helps us to understand what life is like for you as a young carer and helps you to find out what support you can get.

Assessments are carried out within 25 working days from the date you are referred to us.  They can take place at home, in school or another suitable place in the community.

During your assessment we look at:

  • Tasks you carry out at home and for the person you care for
  • How caring affects your social life, your physical and emotional health and your access to education (or employment for young adult carers)
  • What support is already in place for you
  • What other support is available for you and your family

After this a support plan is designed to help you understand what can happen next.  This is reviewed every 12 months, unless circumstances change sooner.

Contact us if you want an assessment or if your circumstances have changed and you would like an early review.

Carers aged 18+

You can choose to have a Care Act Assessment which is for adults only and may entitle you to a Carers Direct Payment.  To find out more click below


Life as a young carer is different for everyone.  We have friendly support workers who can help you with issues attached to caring – and it is up to you how you choose to spend this time

Support Work can take place at in your place of education, somewhere else in the community, by telephone, Skype, Facetime or you can drop in to our offices.

Support Work can help you to:

  • Manage feelings and caring related worries
  • Share your wishes and feelings about caring
  • Build your knowledge and skills
  • Understand the condition of the person you care for
  • Be yourself – in a safe, confidential space with someone who understands
  • Think about your future
  • Have your voice heard – sometimes other professionals are involved with your family and meetings take place that young people do not attend. We can help you to have your voice heard.

Don’t feel comfortable talking – we have lots of creative fun ways for you to participate in Support Work – such as through artwork and games.

We also hold regular Self Esteem and Confidence workshops with small groups of young carers aged 5 – 18 years.

For more information contact us on 01217881143 and ask to speak to someone about Support Work.

events and activities yc

We know young carers need time out – so we offer activities at little or no cost to give you a chance to have fun and make new friends with others who understand.

Youth Clubs for young carers aged 5 – 18

Young carers can drop in, chill and hang out at clubs or choose to get involved with activities such as cooking, arts and crafts or sports.  You do not need to book – just turn up!

Homework clubs

Take place 1 hour before every club at the same location.  Bring your homework or school projects and we’ll provide the space, time, help and resources if needed.

School Holidays Activities

We hold a variety of activities during school holidays including days out, residential trips and fun, learning experiences.  We have locations in the area where we will pick up and drop you off.

Need help accessing activities or clubs

We can provide transport for carers who have exhausted all other options to get to clubs or activities yourself.  Transport is limited so only available to request if absolutely necessary.

If you need support getting to and from an activity in the area, that is not provided by us then request a Befriender by contacting Olivia, our Befriending Project Worker on 01217881143 or email

Want to find out more about events and activities for you

Contact Barry on 07592045576, 01217881143 or email

Enjoy sports?  

Try the Neighbourhood Activity Program. Visit

pm&bf image

Have a peer mentor or receive training and use your experience and knowledge as a carer to be a peer mentor and role model to others.  For carers aged 5 – 18, Peer Mentors are aged 14+

Funded by Children In Need this project enables young carers to provide and receive support from each other.

Would you like to be a Peer Mentor

Are you aged 14 – 18? Receive training and use your experience, knowledge and skills to support other young carers.  You will be paired with a young carer and meet them regularly to help them achieve a chosen goal.

You can also become a young leader and assist staff on activities.  You can gain accreditation for your work as a mentor.

Would you like to have a Peer Mentor

Are you aged 5 – 18 and would like another young carer who understands what life is like.  You will be paired with a mentor who will meet with you regularly to help you achieve a chosen goal – together.

… then this is the project for you!


To have a Peer Mentor contact Olivia on 01217881143 or email

To become a Peer Mentor contact Naomi on 01217881143 or email


A friendly, trained volunteer can help you learn to access services in the community by yourself – from using the bus or train to accessing activities of your choice near home.

Funded by Children In Need this project enables young carers to access services and support in the wider community.

What is a Befriender

This is an adult volunteer who cares about young carers and wants to help you achieve things for yourself.  A Befriender can help by:

  • Being available to chat on the phone about ‘anything’
  • Introducing you to activities in your area and providing transport (short term)
  • Helping you learn to access activities by yourself
  • Helping you learn to use bus or train by yourself
  • Being available at activities in case you ‘just want to talk’

To ask for a Befriender contact Olivia on 01217881143 or email

training yc

Young carers can become experts in helping to care for someone.  We provide training to help increase your knowledge, skills and confidence to care and have a life for yourself.

There are many positive sides about being a young carer, such as:

  • Self motivation – doing your best in difficult situations
  • Multitasking – doing more than one thing at one
  • Knowing how to make the person you are for happy and comfortable
  • Being independent – looking after yourself properly
  • Developing life skills that will prepare you for the future – such as money management and how to speak to professionals
  • Having close relationships with others
  • Being resourceful – knowing how to fix a problem quickly

We provide training and workshops to increase and develop these skills.  Some of which are accredited with a certificate.

We provide training such as:

  • First Aid Awareness
  • Food Hygiene
  • Keeping safe
  • Cooking
  • Communication skills
  • Preparing for employment
  • Applying for further education

… and more.  To find out more click link below and search for Training

16- 25 yac

Entering the adult world can be a confusing time.  As you enter adulthood, it’s time to make decisions about your future, maybe your caring role too.  We have specific support for you.

So you’re entering adulthood and it’s time to start thinking about your future – your career, further education opportunities, employment or perhaps leaving home.

On top of all these decisions, you will will also be thinking about how to manage your caring responsibilities.

There are over 500 young adult carers in Solihull and over a fifth of those are providing 20 hours or more care a week.  We offer free confidential support – assisting young adult carers to have a good experience into adult life.

We provide specific support including:

  • One to one and peer support
  • Social activities – days out, residential trips
  • Information and advice
  • Training – Access to training from communication skills to first aid awareness we offer training that is relevant to caring, decision making and to your future.
  • Emotional Support – someone to talk to, from offloading to seeking advice and information
  • Other services for you
  • Assessments, Support Plans & Direct Payments – Assessments help us to understand your needs and allows us to work with you to decide what level of support is required to help you in the best way.  We carry out carers assessments on behalf of Solihull Council – click here for more information
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A carers card will help others understand you are a young carer.  It can also be used in an emergency and to get into local places for free or at a reduced cost.

If you were caught up in an emergency situation, your carers card will alert others that someone relies on you at home.  Your card will hold telephone numbers of your choice, of those who could be contacted to help the person you care for in your absence.


You can also use your card to get into places for free or at a cheaper rate if you are escorting someone who cannot attend by themselves.  We advise you contact the venue prior to your visit to check their carers concession still apply.


To request a carers card call us on 01217881143 or email

16- 25 yac

We believe families are best placed to support children who are caring and we aim to help families to achieve this by providing training and a wellbeing centre to stay and play or loan resources.

We feel it’s important that families are in tune with the work we do with young carers.  We also recognise that families may want to be involved in supporting their child/ren.

Health and Well-being Resource Centre

We have a resource centre with books, games, dvd’s and tool kits which support issues attached to caring.  Families can stay and play or loan items.

If you wish to visit us to use the resource centre based at our head office, contact us on 01217881143.

Family Training

We also hold a family training programme that addresses and supports common issues for families where children are caring.

Camp counselor and girls lying down

You may not find what you are looking for here, there is lots more support available to young carers in Solihull.  We have a page dedicated to other services and support for you, including looking after your health, money and transport.  Take a look here.