Carer Grant Supports a Brighter Future

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A carer approached Carers Trust Solihull (CTS) in order to apply for funding to allow her to pursue her dream of becoming a Teaching Assistant. Due to extremely limited income she could not afford this by herself and CTS supported her to make an in depth application to the grants team (part of national Carers Trust based in London).

The carer was very open about their situation and emotional support was provided to ensure her emotional health was taken into consideration. From the session it was clear that this was no ordinary application and below are a couple of excerpts from the case made to the grants team:

“The chance to complete a TA course would be monumental for the carer. Having the opportunity to be herself again through this would be a massive signal to all carers who still want to pursue their dreams in light of very difficult circumstances. She has had no choice but to sacrifice herself and her career for her family but we now have an opportunity to help her do what she loves and continue to provide the love and care for her cared for. Looking at the bigger picture, this is going to be super supportive to her other daughter.

“I have supported several carers to apply for Carers Grants and all of them have been greatly received and deserved in many ways… This isn’t just a grant, this is an investment in the family’s future and I feel there is an obligation to help achieve her dream of getting back into the work that she so dearly loves and is clearly good at. This carer is a ‘difference maker’, a real fighter and has provided a warm, loving and supportive environment for both of her girls and this grant will only enhance the support that she can give. This is a long-term plan and it’s the start of something that can give a platform to do what she loves and what is in her heart. Carers Grants aren’t given freely but this person is the prime example of why we should be looking to help because, as I said, it is an investment in someone”.

Chris, Support Worker, Carers Trust Solihull

The application was successful for the sum of £240.00 which is a substantial contribution to the overall cost of her course and has given her the opportunity to move forward with her training plans.


I hope you are well. I just wanted to Thank you once again for your help in securing a grant from the Carers Trust. I’m fully paid up and signed up to the course of my choice—training to be a Teaching Assistant at Solihull College. I start in a few weeks. Thank you so much for all your support.

A Carer

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