BAME young carers struggle to get right support, Barnardo’s reveals

BBC breakfast featured this item on this morning’s programme about BME young carers being isolated from support services due to cultural expectations that the role of family members is to care for each other which means children and young people don’t recognise that they are performing caring roles. Another significant barrier is that there is stigma attached to asking for help outside of the family.

At Carers Trust Solihull we aim to make ourselves visible within the local community by offering drop-in sessions in local colleges as a way to raise awareness that our service exists to offer support to children and young people from whichever ethnic background they come from.

We have regular monthly drop-in at @SolihullCollege (Blossomfield Campus) on the first Tuesday of each month between 12 and 1.30pm during term time, and on the 2nd Wednesday of each month between 12.30 and 2pm @SolihullSixthFormCollege.  

Going forward we are looking to work in closer partnership with schools across the borough to introduce the Young Carers in Schools scheme which will equip schools to better support young carers in education. This will help in highlighting the services we offer to help us to reach a wider audience of young carers and their families.

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