Solihull Carer Friendly Awards 2020

Do you know someone that goes above and beyond for Carers?

If the answer is Yes then why not nominate them for an Award

Awards Night

Will be on our Charity Ball Evening on 13th June 2020

The Awards

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Are you or someone you know a carer who goes the extra mile to help and support others? Do they inspire and make a difference to someones’ life? Have they used their skills to make a change? Then nominate yourself, a family member or friend for this award.
Nominate a Young Carer (5-18 years) or Young Adult Carer (18-24 years) who you think is inspiring and helps and supports others to make a difference to their lives.
Nominate a School or College that has shown it has a supportive environment for Young Carers and Young Adult Carers. This may be by making practical adjustments to meet the needs of the YC/YAC or raising the profile and awareness of carers.
Do you know an organisation that recognises the importance of supporting carers in the workplace? For example, do they raise the profile and awareness of carers at work or do they have Carer friendly policies and procedures in place to help retain skilled workforce? If so, then nominate your local business for this award that recognises that achievement.
This award is open to anyone working in the health profession eg G.P.s, G.P Surgery, Hospital, Pharmacy, Nurse, Dentist etc. They should be able to demonstrate that they have made a difference to carers’ lives by making adjustments to support carers. For example this may be that they have a Carers Champion or volunteers to support carers. Or they offer flexibility in services to support Carers and families.
Nominate a voluntary organisation that supports and impacts Carers. Examples of this are that they may be actively engaging in awareness campaigns themselves about Carers or offering peer support groups for Carers.
Do you know someone who is a Carer focussed volunteer? If so then nominate them for this Award that recognises them for their amazing work. They may be sharing their skills and knowledge to groups that brings joy and benefits the whole group or they may be totally committed to volunteering and spending many hours doing this role. Whatever the reason, nominate these worthwhile individuals.
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