Adult Carer Story

My mother was diagnosed with mixed dementia (vascular and Alzheimer’s) back in 2017. This as you can imagine was devastating for all and I wanted to ensure that my mum felt loved and safe throughout her illness.

Our aim was to ensure firstly that mum had her wishes met and I would try to support her to remain in her own home for as long as she could live safely.

I made the decision to give up my job and become her full-time carer. I wanted and felt that this was important for both of us to have as much time together.

We joined many groups and activities which are available across the borough and these allowed us to spend quality time together as well as receiving peer support and guidance from both professionals and others that found themselves in similar situations.

Although these are special to me to do with my mum, I have found the path of caring extremely stressful and emotional.

It’s been important for me to be able to access a carers assessment that has helped to look at how and what I need to do to take time away from the caring role to ensure my own health and wellbeing is managed. I know I have to stay strong to continue to care and taking short periods of time for me is definitely a way of helping to manage this.

Having someone to talk to whenever I have needed to like someone from Carers Trust Solihull and attending their dementia workshops which have been extremely informative and full of ways to cope and understand better.

I will continue to care because I want to but I know we all need help and support along the way.

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