Adult Carers Story

I really wanted to write a short piece for the Carers Trust in time for Carers Week but I was stumped, I did not know how to start, what to say or where to begin until last night. The thing I wanted to say suddenly struck me and it was so simple, although knowing me I shall use fifty words where five would do just fine.

Last night I had an uninterrupted sit down shower. I repeat, uninterrupted. I have mobility problems myself and a bundle of health complaints and sometimes I feel like I need a load more care than I get but none the less I am a stay at home, sole carer for two people with very different needs. 

As I took time to untangle my hair and sneak fifteen minutes of Ghostbusters on DVD (original of course) I felt triumphant. It was my first uninterrupted shower in over two months. I felt quite like me!

The very simple thing I wanted to say is this. Carers you are not alone and do not give up on yourself or on communicating with others.

I come very close to feeling entirely subsumed by my daily worries and tasks, I am literally in pain and often feel distressed. I am not always OK but I will be. I am not good at making time for myself or asking for help but somehow I will master it because I have to and I hope that you can too.

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