Adult Carer Story 3

Transition is always difficult when you don’t know what’s out there

I am the main carer for my daughter who is now 30 years old. She has cerebral palsy and has always needed a lot of support to maintain any independence.

I was introduced to CTS after I couldn’t cope or seem to balance my caring role with life. My daughter’s care support had stopped some time ago when she left college and I found myself coping with everything. I didn’t know what services could help or if there was any. It was a difficult time for me and I knew that my own health was deteriorating physically as she got older.

I didn’t really know how the carers assessment would be able to help me but just having someone there, talking to me, listening to me, it was quite overwhelming.

It helped to identify what support I could access and receive to help with day to day struggles.

Occupational Therapy supported me and found equipment that allowed me to help my daughter bathe with dignity and without straining and injuring my back. The referral made to Adult Social Care meant that my daughter received her own assessment which identified areas to improve her independence and allow me some “me time”. It helped to identify sport activities and a disability resource centre for my daughter to access. I was given support to services like CAB who looked at our benefits and allowances and counselling avenues where I could openly and freely share

I found that this allowed me a small window of time that I could use for me and access relaxation sessions and emotional wellbeing workshops all of which gave me tools and skills to manage my own stresses and anxieties. 

My caring role is difficult and my life is different but I can cope and I can carry on which is what I want to do.

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