Adult Carer Story 2

As a carer, it is easy to become very isolated. You lose your identity and are unable to do the things you want to do. Your whole life centres around your cared for and everything revolves around their needs.

After contacting the Carers Trust Solihull I was offered an assessment. I found the assessment itself very therapeutic and it had been a very long time since anyone had asked me about myself. It is always about my cared for. I was shown a lot of understanding and empathy by the Assessor. She told me I was doing a very worthwhile thing by being a carer, and people don’t tell you that. 

She told me it was normal to feel tired and fed up at times, and that I must try and think about myself and make time for me. It is what carers deserve and need to do.

After the assessment, I was sent a Support Plan and additional information about the services offered by the Carers Trust Solihull. She also registered me as a Carer with my GP practice who had failed to recognise my role despite the fact I was caring for 2 family members registered at their practice. I have already been contacted by the practice to be invited to a caring event. I felt the whole experience was positive. It made me feel better about my life and that I was a valued member of society with an identity and it was ok for me to take time for myself when I could.

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