There has been an increase in the number of COVID-19 related scams

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Carers Trust Solihull: Supporting Carers through Coronavirus or COVID-19

In light of the outbreak of the Coronavirus or COVID-19 we are having to make changes to our services.

The Government is trying to delay the disease from spreading and reduce the number of people getting seriously ill.

Government guidance for those who provide unpaid care to friends or family can be found here

Solihull Council have some local information and advice including shielding, money advice and help with food that can be found here

Which services are currently running at CTS to support carers?

We are still able to offer information and advice via telephone or video conferencing during our usual opening hours. Please contact us using our usual telephone number 0121 788 1143 or you may email us at

Which CTS services have been suspended due to COVID-19?

All events and activities, group support work, peer mentoring and befriending, well-being groups and carers groups have been suspended for the foreseeable future pending government guidelines. We will not be delivering any face to face work at the moment.

What do I do if I cannot care for my cared for?

Call Social Services First Point of contact number 0121 704 8007. There is also an emergency number 0121 605 6060.

You can also call NHS for guidance on the 111 number.

How to reduce the risk of catching COVID-19?

Please click this link for a summary of information explaining how to reduce the risk of catching COVID-19.

Where to get the latest information and public health advice on COVID-19?

Up to the minute government public health guidance can be found here.

Unsure if you have COVID-19?

If you are unsure if you have COVID-19, use the NHS 111 online assessment here.


Get coronavirus support as an extremely vulnerable person. This is a link that you can fill out to see if you can be prioritised for supermarket deliveries etc. Click here to register

Whatsapp Information Service
A new Coronavirus Whatsapp Information Service has been launched allowing people to get answers to the most common questions about coronavirus direct from government.  To use the free GOV.UK Coronavirus Information Service on WhatsApp, simply add 07860 064422 in your phone contacts and then message the word ‘hi’ in a WhatsApp message to get started.

Supermarkets Supporting Carers

Click here for the full list

AGE UK Solihull

Age UK Solihull is responding to the Coronavirus Pandemic and is continuing to support older people in local communities. To find out more visit their website here

COVID Mutual Aid UK

This is a website that allows you to put your postcode in and it brings up all helpful groups food banks etc. that are and being set up for people that are finding themselves potentially stranded or at a loss of where to go. Click here to see what is available in your area.

Carers UK

Planning for emergencies
Support as an extremely vulnerable person

Activities you can do at home

We shall be adding to this list if we come across anything that you may find useful Click here

Practical advice for staying at home can be found here

Educational Links

Some good links here

Celebrity Education Program can be found here


Carers Trust Solihull accepts no responsibility or liability for services, advice or support provided by external organisations.

We are Carers Trust Solihull, a charity that provides free help and support for unpaid carers of all ages.

You don’t need to be isolated – we can provide help, guidance, training and social activities for you. If you are not sure whether you are a carer ring us now on 0121 788 1143 or see the further information and links below.

Adult Carers (25+)

We support adult carers aged over 25 years.

“The project provided lots of support, contacts and guidance and benefits have been the support and relationship building. It’s made me feel more confident in myself and not alone. Thank-you, it’s brilliant!”

Young Carers

We support young carers, aged between 5 and 25 years.

“It has made me feel more confident, happy, socially engaged, encouraged and positive. It’s given me a sense of personal progress. It has been really positive and I am very grateful so thank you.”

“I’ve made new friends, improved my social skills and become more independent.”

Older Carers (60+)

We support senior adult carers whatever their age.

“My wife was diagnosed with mixed dementia four years ago and as her condition progressed I found I needed more help.  You were there for me and were able to provide me with support and information.”    – Carer aged 77

Donations and Fundraising

We rely greatly on donations and fundraising to enable us to provide the best possible service for carers.


We work in partnership with professionals, maximising support for carers in areas such as education, health and business.

Volunteering and Job Vacancies

We rely on highly valued volunteers to support our working with carers.

Often, we also have permanent vacancies for passionate and talented staff.

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