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Make a Referral

Anyone can make a referral i.e. professionals, schools, other services, families and young carers themselves.

You can make a referral by completing the referral form below and return it to us at youngcarers@solihullcarers.org or post to Solihull Young Carers Team, Solihull Carers Centre, Solihull Fire Station Annexe, 620 Streetsbrook Road, Solihull, B91 1QY.  We aim to make contact and complete an initial assessment and support plan with the young carer within 25 days of receiving a referral.


If you’re not sure that the child or young person you are working with is a young carer click here to share the Am I a Young Carer form with them.

For more information about making a referral call us on 0121 788 1143 or email us at the address above.

Referral forms

Click here for Referral Form

Fraiser Guidelines

We use these guidelines if the young carer is aged between 14 and 18 and wishes to join without parental consent.  We look at three areas before allowing them to join:

  • Does the young person understand the implications of joining the service i.e. safeguarding and what they can and cannot access
  • Can the young person be persuaded to inform their parents or allow us to inform their parents that they are seeking support from our service
  • Is the young person likely to continue caring or be affected by the caring situation without access to our service – and is it in the best interest of the young person to join our service

If it is decided that the young carer can join without parental consent they can receive our information (through other means) and can only access one to one support in school or college, over the phone, Skype or Facetime – however they can not join activities without parental consent.