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14 to 25 NEET Project

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    Last autumn, several young adult carers took part in Carers Trust ‘Take Action & Support NEET Consultation’ to provide feedback on what barriers they face, as carers, in engaging in Employment, Education and Training. We then used the responses we received to put together a grant application to apply for funds that would allow us to set up a 14-25 NEET Project at Solihull Carers Centre, and we were successful!

    What is Solihull Carers Centre 14-25 NEET Project?

    Carers Trust has identified that Young Adult Carers (YACs) aged 14-25 are more likely to be, or are at risk of being, Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEET) due to their caring responsibilities and may need specific support in taking action to make changes to their lives. With the funding secured through Carers Trust ‘Take Action & Support’ project, Solihull Carers Centre is now working on establishing its 14-25 NEET Project. The project is intended to provide specific, structured support to YACs to overcome personal barriers experienced in engaging with Education, Employment and Training. Support is focused on personal development and enhancing practical skills to increase YACs opportunities to access Education, Employment and Training so they can plan to make the most of their lives outside of caring.

    What support can you expect from 14-25 NEET Project?

    • Occasional 1-to-1 NEET support meetings
    • Mentoring – regular 1-to-1 sessions for personal goal setting around Education, Employment & Training
    • Telephone support
    • Access to Information Pack
    • Events & activities
    • Skills workshops, some with AQA accreditation
    • Help to organise work and volunteer placements
    • 14 -25 NEET residential trip to relax and socialise with other carers

    We need Young Adult Carers input to help shape the 14-25 NEET Project

    To help us shape the program of support we deliver to meet your specific needs around Education, Employment & Training, we would appreciate it if you would complete the 14-25 NEET Project questionnaire, located on the next page – see the tab below, to let us know what is important to you.

    This project is part of the About Time programme which is managed by Carers Trust.

    To find out more above the project and what it can do for you as a Young Adult Carer, please contact Sally Barton-Bodley – NEET Project Worker

    Telephone 0121 788 1143 or email sbartonbodley@solihullcarers.org

    Office Hours Monday – Thursday 9.30am – 3.15pm

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  • The online employment skills e-learning program that helps address youth unemployment in the UK by supporting young people. There are 3 courses and 35 interactive learning modules including

    • Build skills to choose a career
    • Apply for and find a job
    • Be successful in a work environment

    To access this click here

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