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As a carer it can be extremely difficult accepting help from family, friends or organisations. By accepting help you may feel like you are failing in some way but that isn’t the case. The first step is always the hardest but once that step is taken things can become a lot easier.


The most important thing to remember is that it’s harder to care for someone unless you are caring for yourself, so try not do everything on your own and consider accepting help when it’s offered.


As a Carers Centre we are here to give you help and advice in your role as a carer. That could be helping you to find and access a service for your cared for. It might include helping to source equipment needed to carry out your caring role or to signpost you to another specialist service. We can support and try to help with anything that makes your role easier. We have support workers here who are available to just listen, confidentially, if you would like to speak to somebody away from your situation.


On the pages in this section you will find information and advice about looking after yourself and your health and benefits and legislation. If there is something else you need to find out don’t ever hesitate to call us.



Solihull Carers Centre: – 0121 788 1143

Health & Wellbeing

  The stresses and strains of being a carer can be under-estimated and misunderstood by people who have never been in that position. lt may be difficult to insist that other people (including the person you are caring for) recognise your needs. lt is very important to maintain friends, relationships and contacts, especially if you have had to …

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Looking after Yourself

As a carer for somebody, it is very important that you take time to look after yourself. We’ve put together a few tips to try and help . . . . . . .   Take a Break We know it isn’t always easy to put aside time for yourself when you are caring but doing …

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Welfare Benefits

Financial support Many carers experience financial difficulty as a result of caring.  This can be due to loss of earnings or the additional costs that caring may involve.  However, there are government benefits that carers, or the people they care for, may be entitled to claim.  One of our Adult Support Workers can help you with making …

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Carers’ Legislation   Carers (Recognition and Services) Act 1995 Implemented in April 1996.  This act gives recognition to the carer and the right to an assessment when the cared for is being assessed or re-assessed – but no rights to services.  The carer has to be providing, or intending to provide, regular or substantial care. …

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