It is vital that carers of all ages are identified and understood in healthcare settings, so that they can get access to the support they need.  At Carers Trust Solihull we develop connections with GP surgeries, hospitals, other health professionals including school nurses to spread awareness of the needs of carers and how professionals in these settings can Think Patient – Think Carer

Around 1 in 10 patients registered with a GP practice is likely to be a Carer. Evidence shows that there’s a strong link between caring for someone and ill health. So it’s important to identify carers and make sure they can access a range of support.

Carers save the government the cost of a 2nd NHS

70% of carers come in contact with health professionals, yet only 11% are identified by health professionals – with only 7% from GP’s

Young carers particularly often go unnoticed in health care settings so here’s a message from them.

Think Patient, Think Carer

Hello my name is Linda Hewitt and my role with Carers Trust is as  GP/Health Liaison. I work directly with health professionals to raise the identification of carers and awareness of  local support services.

Please note that to access our service carers must live in the Solihull area or care for someone living in the Solihull area.

One of our challenges is reaching unpaid and often hidden  carers to inform them about their opportunities to access  support.  We know  from experience that health settings are an ideal location to achieve this.

As  well as helping carers to maintain their own health and wellbeing, our aim is to    have a positive impact on those they care for, possibly easing  hospital  admission  and failed discharge or preventing breakdown of the caring role.

We are a resource here for health professionals too . If you would like to help a carer but are not sure how to or simply do not have the time, please pass our information on to them, or with permission refer to Carers Trust Solihull  on their behalf.  Just call 0121 7881143 with basic details or email

We will then contact the carer to register them with our service and offer appropriate support.

I am available to talk about our services to individuals or teams . At the moment this is  via zoom , phone or email and once again in person as soon as possible. I can also send Carers Trust leaflet information direct to your location.

If you would like to know more please email me on



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