We pride ourselves on delivering a quality service.

However we know that we cannot do this unless carers are involved in decision making.  We take into account experiences, views or opinions of carers on our services. We do this through evaluations, surveys, consultation events and online questionnaires.

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You can make a difference by:

  • Giving feedback on the design of surveys posters or leaflets
  • Assisting in applications for funding (service user feedback is essential to a good funding application)
  • Representing carers voices at various levels from meetings with us and with the council
  • Volunteering your time to support other carers

Adult Carers

Making a difference

“I like the variety of things we discuss and the breadth of which we can make a difference.  I like the challenge and the success stories. I feel heard, listened to and respected for my contribution and valued as an expert by experience”

Young Carers

Decision Making Group (DMG)

“I like going to the meetings and looking through the feedback from other young carers and having responsible jobs like deciding what trips to go on, designing the logo, telling the council what we need.  I feel proud of what we achieve”

Young Adult Carers

Speaking Up

“I like meeting like minded people who care about young people who are caring – and going to the Carers Partnership Board to represent the views of young carers, the council listen to me and I can help make changes for carers in Solihull”