Support from Carers Trust Solihull

Carers are adults whose lives are affected by caring for a family member or friend.  Find out what support you can get as a carer from Carers Trust Solihull.


A chance to discuss your caring role with someone who will help you to find out what help is available and how to access it.  Your support plan will identify the needs from the assessment and plan what is needed and how this will be done.

Carers Assessments
The assessment is free and your local council will use it to work out what support they can offer you.  Don’t be put off by the word ‘assessment’. It is not a test about how good you are at caring. It is to work out what can be done to make life easier for you.

The assessment is usually a face to face meeting with a Carers Assessment Worker from our organisation, or you can request it to be done by Solihull Council if you wish – by calling 0121 704 8007.  Solihull Council commission Carers Trust Solihull to carry out Carers Assessments on their behalf.

If your circumstances should dramatically change before your annual review is due, you can request an earlier review of your carers assessment to be done.  This is particularly important if you can no longer provide the same level of care you have done in the past or if the needs of the person you care for has changed.

To request a Carers Assessment from Carers Trust Solihull call us on 0121 788 1143.

Support Plans

When it has been established what Solihull Council can offer to support you in your caring role, a Support Plan is designed.  This details what the support looks like and how it is paid for.

adult support work

Although caring can be deeply rewarding, it can also consume a lot of time and energy emotionally and physically. Support Workers are available to help and advise you.

Support Work can take place over the phone, in your home, or somewhere else in the community – or you can also drop in to our offices:

Monday – Thursday 10.00 – 4.00 or  Friday – 10.00 – 3.00

Support Work can help you to:

  • Manage feelings and caring related worries
  • Help to find out what support is available
  • Learn about Coping strategies
  • Increasing your knowledge
  • Find out your rights
  • Speak openly and honestly in a confidential environment
  • Have your voice heard – help to articulate what you want to say or ask for with other professionals

We know it’s not always easy to arrange or participate in activities when you are caring, so we provide activities at little or no cost to you, with or without the person you care for.

Everyone needs time and space to get away from it all, even if only for a short while, and this is certainly true for carers.  If you spend a lot of time caring for someone, it’s important to make time for yourself too – both for the sake of your own health and well-being and to give you the energy to carry on caring.

We provide a variety of events and activities for you to access, at little or no cost to you, with or without the person you care for.

befriending (1)

Our trained Befrienders are here for you

Befrienders are friendly and non-judgmental, ready to listen and help.  The service is an opportunity to have a regular ‘check in’ with your matched volunteer to talk about anything you wish.

Befrienders can help you achieve personal goals, source local activities and help navigate services. They can also support you to build confidence and skills or just give you the time to be heard.

All Befrienders are 25+ and DBS checked. Initially you would receive six sessions lasting between 40-60 minutes each and tailored around your needs. There’s no pressure if it doesn’t work out.

For more information, please contact Emma: 0121 788 1143 –

Carers are experts by experience.  We provide training to help increase your knowledge, skills and confidence to support you in your caring role.

Caring brings with it a range of positive, emotional and psychological benefits, such as:

  • Pride
  • Honour
  • Resourcefulness
  • Developing life skills you wouldn’t have otherwise
  • Close relationships

We provide training and workshops to increase and develop these skills.  Some of which are accredited and awarded with a certificate.

To find out about what training we provide click link below.

Whether you have just been told your child has a learning disability or you have cared for an adult with learning disabilities for quite a while there is support available to help you with your caring role.

When caring for someone with a learning disability you may be a carer for the rest of your life. You may have decades of experience as you negotiate the health, education and social care systems through infancy, childhood and adulthood but you don’t have to continue this journey alone.  We have a dedicated worker to support you.  Contact the team on 0121 788 1143

Carers card will help others understand you are a carer.  It can also be used in an emergency and to get into local places for free or at a reduced cost.

If you were caught up in an emergency situation, your carers card will alert others that someone relies on you at home.  Your card will hold telephone numbers of your choice, of those who could be contacted to help the person you care for in your absence.

You can also use your card to get into places for free or at a cheaper rate if you are escorting someone who cannot attend by themselves.  We advise you contact the venue prior to your visit to check their carers concession still apply.

To request a carers card call us on 01217881143 or email


You may not find what you are looking for here, there is lots more support available to carers in Solihull.  We have a page dedicated to other services and support for you, including looking after your health, money and transport.  Take a look here.