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Other Services for Adult Carers

Here are a few other services that may benefit adult carers. For more information click the blue links to look at their websites.


Vision for All

By Eyecare at Home

You may be entitled to a free eye test at home and free glasses if you meet the criteria.


More active, more often

with Solihull Active.

Being active daily can help to improve self confidence and mood, improve and maintain health and help to maintain independence. There are lots of ways to become more active in Solihull, for more information go to www.solihullactive.co.uk


Step into Solihull Programme:

Activities for Older Adults

With Solihull Active.

Solihull Active are running a range of activities throughout the Solihull Borough, including; Walking, Extend (gentle exercise to music), Thai Chi, Dance and Yoga. For a full programme you can go to www.Solihullactive.co.uk or call us on 0121 788 1143 and we will send you one out.


IT at home

Working in partnership with Recom

Recom help to support people who are disadvantaged, disabled or tied to the house, access the internet. They have a group of volunteers who are able to visit people in their own homes to help them access the internet and there are computers available to those eligible for IT at Home services, who do not have sufficient means to purchase one.

If you would like more information please call us on 0121 788 1143.


Bromford Support

Bromford Support


Bromford have free drop in’s throughout Solihull and can help with any of the following:


  • Maximising your income
  • Support to sort out your debts
  • Help to plan a budget
  • Accessing your community
  • Looking for employment
  • Support to apply for benefits
  • Understanding your tenancy agreement.

For more information go to www.bromford.co.uk or call 0121 704 9936.


If you come across any services in Solihull, that you think might benefit other adult carers then please let us know by calling us 0121 788 1143


Gadgets for Carers

The big button jelly switch kit gadget Oct 2014.docx


This kit enables an individual to call for assistance by pressing the big button. The kit comes with a big button, a transmitter and a pager. No installation or wiring is required.

The switch can be activated very easily requiring a minimal amount of pressure. The transmitter will signal the pager at distances of up to 150 meters. Therefore supporting carers with their role and giving them peace of mind knowing they will be alerted should help be needed.

This device can aid people with varying health conditions, for example someone who is cared for in bed, stroke patients, or learning disabilities.

Battery operated and requires x2 AA batteries. It will be responsibility of the individual/family to replace these when needed.

Contact us on 0121 177 1143 and we can refer you to the Gadget Team.