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Our Trustees

Like all charities Solihull Carers Centre has a management board of volunteer trustees. Their role is to oversee the charity, ensuring that it works for the benefits of carers in Solihull, is financially sound and operates within the law. A viable board of trustees is essential to maintain our charitable status.


This demanding role is very rewarding when you see the great work that goes on at the Centre and consider all the people who benefit from our services. In fact one of the criteria of the make up of our board of trustees is that 50% must be current or recent carers. This is to ensure that the direction of the charity remains firmly focused on meeting the needs of unpaid carers of all ages.


Our Board currently has 11 trustees from a variety of backgrounds including voluntary sector management, business, education and carers of people with differing needs.



J Cove                      Chair

D E Taylor                Deputy Chair

G Thompson            Treasurer

P Cornell                  Trustee

J M Hamilton            Trustee

S Jeynes                  Trustee

C Shiel                     Trustee

S Westwood            Trustee

S Halliday                Trustee

E McPherson           Trustee

D Brown                   Trustee